Which is the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effect?
How does ref. MAGNETOECL works?
Which electrode connectors should I use between the screen-printed electrodes and any kind of potentiostat?
What products do you have for magnetic based assays?
What is the volume and flow-rate in the flow cell, DRP-FLWCL?
What is the product MEMB designed for?
Which is the distance between the surface of the SPE’s Working Electrode and the tip of micropippete in the BIACELL?
Is there any difference between BIACELL and CELL?
How BIA works?
I am interested in flow-injection analysis but I need an easy-to-use injection valve and electrode replacement, is there anything available at Metrohm DropSens?
Can I use my own peristaltic pump with the flow-cell for screen-printed electrodes ref.FLWCL?
If I want to run flow-injection analysis experiments, what components should I order?
Can I use my potentiostat with CONNECTOR96X?
I cannot find the cell or connector I need for my application, can you customize them?