Interdigitated electrodes are usually used for conductivity measurements. Which are the Kcell of Metrohm DropSens Interdigitated Electrodes (IDEs)?
What is the thickness of the PEDOT layer in the electrodes P10?
Which is the collection efficiency in generator/collector sensors when using G-IDE222 or G-IDE555 references?
Why are microelectrodes attractive for analytical applications?
Is there a limitation on maximum flow-rates when working with TLFCL SPEs?
Which kind of electrodes are thin-layer flow-cell integrated screen-printed electrodes (TLFCL family)?
Which are the most useful Metrohm DropSens electrodes for spectroelectrochemical transmission experiments?
Is it possible to use ref. 96X110 or any other of these references for UV or fluorescence measurements?
I am working in the development of a high-throughput screening test; do you have any product suitable for such kind of experiments?
Can I perform impedance measurements with Metrohm DropSens electrodes?
Are Streptavidin electrodes stable at room temperature?
Why are useful the streptavidin modified screen-printed electrodes?
I am interested in immobilising a biotinylated antibody in the surface of a screen- printed electrode what SPE reference model is recommended?
Which are the references recommended for the formation of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs)?
What is the adhesion layer in the IDEs electrodes over glass substrate made of?
Which is the thickness of the G-IDE electrode models?
What is the thickness of the working electrode in the thick film electrodes?
In flow injection analysis (FIA), should I change the screen-printed electrode after each measurement?
Can I use an external reference electrode instead of screen-printed reference electrode?
Which are the main differences between an Ag pseudoreference electrode of a SPE and a standard Ag/AgCl reference electrode?
Are SPEs suitable to be used with organic solvents?
Which temperature can withstand Metrohm DropSens electrodes?
Can I sterilize electrodes?
Which are the differences between gold electrodes AT and BT?
Could you manufacture electrodes with my own design?
What electrode substrates do you have available?
What range of pH solutions can be used with screen-printed electrodes?
Single use electrodes: can I use them more than one time?
Should I pretreat the electrodes?
Which electrode model is recommended for my application?