I would like to work with with several working electrodes sharing 1 auxiliary and 1 refrence electrode, what models do you recommend?
What are the main differences between your available multichannel instruments?
What are the main differences between portable potentiostats without impedance µSTAT200, µSTAT300 and µSTAT400?
What type of information can I see in the screen of a DropStat or DropStat Plus?
I am interested in a DropStat or a DropStat Plus, which information is needed for its programming?
Which are the differences between DropStat and DropStat Plus readers and other potentiostats?
Why is the wireless connection useful in a potentiostat?
Can I perform corrosion measurements with Metrohm DropSens instruments?
In which equation is based the Fit analysis tool in DropView 8400?
How can I calculate the Polarization Resistance with DropView 8400?
Can Metrohm DropSens instruments be connected to an external system such as a chromatography instrument?
Which is the maximum number of points per experiment that can be saved in DropView software?
Do Metrohm DropSens instruments have floating mode option?
I would like to perform battery Charge/Discharge experiments, is it possible with DropView 8400?
I have seen in the software the option “Peripheral Configuration”, what does it mean?
Can I use Metrohm DropSens equipments with conventional electrodes?
Is DropView software compatible with all kind of tablets?
What are the computer or laptop requirements for using Metrohm DropSens potentiostats?
Is there a tutorial for working with DropView softwares?
Can I update my DropView Sofware?
How can I access to the user manual of my instrument?
How can I install the instruments?