USB floating cable



The floating USB cable is a galvanic isolation accessory that connected to your instrument will allow you to work in “floating mode” instead of “grounded mode”


Additional information:

Thanks to this accessory, long battery consuming experiments can now be performed in floating mode, as the instrument can be connected to the software via USB while the battery is being charged at the same time.
This connection cable is suitable for using an instrument with standard electrochemical, grounded or electrochemical cells where the working electrode is connected to ground (for example: pipelines, autoclaves, etc.).
You will also be able to perform experiments in permeation cells, such as hydrogen permeation, where the material under study is used as a membrane separator and the evolution of the concentration of species on both sides of the membrane is studied. For this type of experiments, two floating instruments connected to the sample (the membrane) are required.

Suitable for:

μStat 300
μStat 400
μStat-i 400
μStat-i 400s
μStat ECL


1 unit