Complete FIA System for Electrochemical detection with screen-printed electrodes



Package including all the components necessary to assemble a continuous electrochemical analysis system. The flow injection analysis (FIA) system with electrochemical detection (FIA-ED) has many applications in the laboratory and in process control, as it is a powerful analytical tool. Ref. FIAEC is a package with all the components needed unless the potentistat.


Additional information:

Its versatility relies in its self-adaptation for
different configurations depending on the design of the chemical experiment.

Suitable for:

1WE ceramic SPEs with the sensing area in de middle of the strip


· Peristaltic Pump (ref. PPUMP).
· PVC tubes for peristaltic pump, including several diameters (ref. PVCTUBE).
· Manual Sample Injection Valve, including 0.5 mL, 1.0 mL and 2.5 mL sample loops (ref. VALVE).
· Flow-Cell for Screen-Printed Electrodes (ref. FLWCL).
· Flow-fittings Pack, including 2 nuts for grippers, 2 grippers and 80 cm of tubing 1/16 (ref. FLOWFITTINGS).
· Two bottles as reservoir and waste containers, tubing, Teflon tape and a test tube.