Cuvette holder



Four-way cuvette holder for cuvettes up to one centimeter in length. It is designed for absorbance and fluorescence measurements with liquid samples. Includes four collimating lenses for straight-through (absorbance) or 90° (fluorescence) measurements and fiber optic connections at each of three collimating lenses. This collimating lenses couple to optical fibers to illuminate, excite or read the sample such as ref. TFIBER UV-Vis


Additional information:

· Pathlength 1 cm
· Z-dimension 15mm
· Filter slot Accepts filters up to 6.35 mm (1/4”) thickness
· Collimating lenses 3 x 74-UV fused silica lenses (200-2000 nm)
· Water input fittings for temperature regulation 3.175 mm (1/8”) NPT
· Fiber optic termination SMA 905

Suitable for:

PTGRID-TRANSCELL or any conventional electrode


1 unit