Batch injection analysis cell



Batch cell (up to 80mL) that offers results as a standard FIA system making it a convenient and easy to use tube-less FIA system for SPEs


Suitable for: 1WE ceramic SPEs with the sensing area in de middle of the strip
O-ring format: O-ring format for enclosing the complete electrochemical cell (WE, CE and RE)
Assembly system: Magnets
Material: ABS
Additional information: The programmable electronic pipette is the pump and the injection valve, therefore reproducible flow rate and injection volume (electronically controlled) are ensured, and problems with air bubbles in the system are avoided
Packaging: 1 x BIASPE0275 x 1101 x Electronic micropipette P200M (20-200 ┬ÁL)1 x DTIPD200DropView BIASPE
Customizable product: The design of this reference and the material used can be customized under your specifications and produced in large quantities upon request. For more information, please contact us at