Disposable well cell for 8W format screen-printed electrodes



Electrochemical cells for easy and fast handling of 8W format screen-printed electrodes. Take advantage of their disposable, lightweight and quick-assembly design to handle large droplets and ensure good surface coverage and sample sealing.


Suitable for: 8W format SPEs
O-ring format: Design enclosing the complete 8W electrochemical cell (8WE, CE and RE)
Assembly system: Adhesive
Material: Plastic
Additional information: Suitable for large volume drops assays (up to 1000 ┬ÁL) of aqueous solutions
Packaging: 20 units per pack
Customizable product: The design of this reference and the material used can be customized under your specifications and produced in large quantities upon request. For more information, please contact us at info.dropsens@metrohm.com