Thin-layer flow electrochemical cell



Thin film flow-cell for screen-printed electrodes with lateral inlet/outlet channels and 2mm banana direct connection that allows the study of different parameters under flow conditions.


Suitable for: 1WE ceramic SPEs with the sensing area in de middle of the strip
O-ring format: O-ring format for enclosing the complete electrochemical cell (WE, CE and RE)
Assembly system: Screws
Material: PMMA
Additional information: Connection via 2 mm banana cables. This cell allows the study of kinetic parameters, adsorption reactions, but also the determination of diffusion coefficients or stoichiometry of electrochemical reactions.
Packaging: 1 x TLFCELL and suitable fittings and tubbing
Customizable product: The design of this reference and the material used can be customized under your specifications and produced in large quantities upon request. For more information, please contact us at