UV-Vis/NIR spectroelectrochemical cell for conventional electrodes



Cell for UV-Vis/NIR spectroelectrochemical measurements with conventional electrodes. Designed in black PEEK, this cell with an innovative open-close system (no screws needed) facilitates the performance of spectroelectrochemical experiments in aqueous and organic solvents (volume recommended 3 mL).


Suitable for: Reflection probes (refs. RPROBE-VIS-UV and RPROBE-VIS-NIR, Metrohm DropSens) and the following Metrohm electrodes (not included) : WE: glassy carbon (ref. 6.09395.014), platinum (ref. 6.09395.024), gold (ref. 6.09395.034) and silver (ref. 6.09395.044). CE: platinum (ref. 6.0343.100) and steel (ref. 6.0343.110). RE: Ag/AgCl (refs. 6.0728.010, 6.0728.110 and 6.0728.120). In addition, two Metrohm caps (ref 6.2730.030) can be used for closing the cell.
Assembly system: Magnets
Material: PEEK
Additional information: Thanks to the screw piece in the top of the cell you can adjust the focal distance of the reflection probes in order to easily optimize your measurements.
Packaging: 1 unit

In order to facilitate the experiments, a holder is also included.