Connector for 96X format screen-printed electrodes



Boxed connector that acts as an interface between 96X format SPEs and any kind of potentiostat


Suitable for: 96X format screen-printed electrodes
Connects to:

Any kind of potentiostat by means of 2 mm connectors

Additional information: In the top panel 96x3 gold plated retractile pins make easy to connect the Electrochemical ELISA plate to thissystem.Up to eight wells of the same column can be measured at the same time. Also, independent analysis of any well can be developed. Two manual rotating selectors allow to select the row letter (from A to H) and the column number (from 1 to 12) identifiers of the wells to be analysed. For system automation ref. SYNCONN96X accessory and the suitable CDIO cable depending on the instrument should be acquired. Pack including SYNCONN96X and CONNECTOR96X is also available under ref. CONNECTOR96X-SYNC
Dimensions: Lenght: 26 cm, width: 25 cm and height: 9 cm