Mix of screen-printed gold electrodes



Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are electrochemical platforms manufactured by printing a wide variety of inks over different substrates allowing rapid on-site analysis with high reproducibility, sensitivity and accuracy.


Number of WEs: 1 WE
Working electrode material: Gold AT and gold BT
Working electrode diameter: 0.40 cm a
Working electrode position: In the middle of the strip
Auxiliary electrode material: Gold AT, gold BT
Reference electrode material: Silver
Contacts material: Silver
Substrate material: Ceramic
Substrate size: Length: 3,4 cm x Width: 1 cm
Substrate thickness: 0.05 cm
Possible applications:

Development of (bio)sensing applications in multiple sectors and fields.

Additional information:

Mix of screen-printed gold electrodes with different working electrode materials. Suitable to perform tests prior the development of a concrete application

Packaging: 100 units per pack including 25 units of each reference
Storage: This reference should be stored at room temperature, protected from light in a dry place
Suitable connectors: CAST, I-CAST, CASTDIR, CAC, CAC4MM, DSC, DSC4MM, CAST1X8