96X screen-printed carbon electrode



Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are electrochemical platforms manufactured by printing a wide variety of inks over different substrates allowing rapid on-site analysis with high reproducibility, sensitivity and accuracy.


Number of WEs: 96 WE
Working electrode material: Carbon
Working electrode diameter: 0.25 cm
Working electrode position: 96 3-electrode electrochemical cells under each well of the ELISA plate.
Auxiliary electrode material: Carbon
Reference electrode material: Silver
Contacts material: Gold
Substrate material: FR4
Substrate size: Length: 7.45 cm x Width: 11.00 cm
Substrate thickness: 0.05 cm
Main features:

Single to use sensors that eliminate the electrode maintenance. Specially designed to work with microvolumes, this inexpensive miniaturized solution presents high reproducibility making them ideal for working in decentralized assays or to develop (bio)sensors in environmental, clinical or agri-food areas.

Possible applications:

Development of (bio)sensing applications in multiple sectors and fields. Suitable to be used only with aqueous solutions

Additional information:

Screen-printed electrochemical array consisting of 96 three-electrode electrochemical cells attached to the bottom of a standard 96-well ELISA microtiter plate. 96×3 gold plated contact paths are printed in the backside of the 96X110 plate corresponding to independent WE, AUX and RE. Standard volumes around 300-400 ┬Ál can be used in the wells to carry out affinity interactions.
corresponding to independent WE, AUX and RE.

Packaging: 4 plates per pack individually packaged
Storage: At room temperature, protected from light in a dry place.
Suitable connectors: CONNECTOR96X
Customization options:

This model is also available with different electrode modifications under request. The design, geometry, substrate material, size or inks of this reference can be customized under your specifications and produced in large quantities upon request. For more information please contact us at info.dropsens@metrohm.com