Optically transparent PEDOT screen-printed electrode



Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are electrochemical platforms manufactured by printing a wide variety of inks over different substrates allowing rapid on-site analysis with high reproducibility, sensitivity and accuracy.


Number of WEs: 1 WE
Working electrode material: Anode and Cathode: a 2-electrode cell made of 2 carbon electrodes Electrochromic Cell: a 2-electrode cell made of one PEDOT electrode and one carbon electrode
Working electrode diameter: 0.40 cm
Working electrode position: Closer to the end of the strip.
Auxiliary electrode material: Carbon
Reference electrode material: No
Contacts material: Silver
Substrate material: Transparent plastic
Substrate size: Length: 3.38 cm x Width: 1.02 cm
Substrate thickness: 0.0175 cm
Main features:

Single to use sensors that eliminate the electrode maintenance. Specially designed to work with microvolumes, this inexpensive miniaturized solution presents high reproducibility making them ideal for working in decentralized assays or to develop (bio)sensors in environmental, clinical or agri-food areas.

Possible applications:

Self-powered electrochromic biosensors with a potential of being “instrumentless” sensoric devices for analyte detection and for the development of biofuel cells (BFC)

Additional information:

The 2 carbon electrodes can be modified with appropriate enzymes to become the cathode and
anode of BFC; the PEDOT electrode can be modified with a dye that changes its color when it is
oxidized or reduced. Thus, the power of the BFC can be used to start the oxidation or reduction of the dye, an
hence its color change, thus making this device a BFC sensor.
Two silver paths placed in the lateral sides of the substrate are intended for connection with an external device
to measure or control the potential.

Packaging: 75 units per pack
Storage: At room temperature, protected from light in a dry place.
Customization options:

The design, geometry, substrate material, size or inks of this reference can be customized under your specifications and produced in large quantities upon request. For more information please contact us at info.dropsens@metrohm.com