µStat-i MultiX multichannel bipotentiostat, galvanostat and impedance analyzer (MultiplEIS® technology)



Multichannel bipotentiostat, galvanostat and impedance analyzer (with MultiplEIS® technology) for multi-user and multidisciplinary electrochemical research. This is not just a potentiostat: this is a multi-user experience of efficiency, versatility, and reliability. Become flexible, free and advanced, by choosing the right configuration, working remotely, and supporting your work with DropView 8400M software.


Key Features:
  • Choose between four different models with the possibility to increment the number of channels from 4 up to 16
  • Optimize your research and multiply your results by working with up to 16 independent dual-channels with MultiplEIS® technology
  • Measurements can be performed via remote connection with no need to be near the instrument
  • Increase the number of users working in one instrument at the same time
  • Work with multipotentiostat/galvanostat configuration with various WEs sharing AUX and REF.
  • Multi-disciplinary instrument for for sensor development, corrosion, fundamental electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, hydrogen permeation, coin-cell, batteries, among others
Available techniques:
  • Voltammetry: Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Cyclic Voltammetry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Differential Pulse Voltammetry, Normal Pulse Voltammetry, Differential Normal Pulse Voltammetry, AC Voltammetry and Linear Polarization Resistance
  • Amperometry: Amperometric Detection Zero Resistance Amperometry Fast Amperometry Pulsed Amperometric Detection Multipulsed Amperometric Detection Coulometric Detection
  • Galvanostat: Linear Sweep Potentiometry, Cyclic Potentiometry, Potentiometric Detection (galvanostatic), Open Circuit Potentiometry, Fast Potentiometry, Potentiometric Stripping Analysis (galvanostatic), Potentiometric Stripping Analysis (faradaic), Multipulsed Potentiometric Detection
  • Mixed Techniques: Linear Sweep Voltammetry. + Amperometric Detection and Cyclic Voltammetry + Amperometric Detection
  • Multipotentiostat Techniques: Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Cyclic Voltammetry, Amperometric Detection and Coulometric Detection
  • Multigalvanostat Techniques: Linear Sweep Potentiometry, Cyclic Potentiometry, Potentiometric Detection and Open Circuit Potentiometry
Potential range: ±4 V
Maximum measurable current: ±40 mA
Operating modes: (Bi)Potentiostat/Galvanostat/Impedance Analyzer (EIS)
Power: USB DC charger adaptor
PC interface: Remote Connection USB
Dimensions: 44 x 30 x 14 cm
Weight: 6 Kg
Software: DropView 8400M
Additional information:

3 year warranty

μStat-i MultiX can be custom configured now and expanded later after purchase. You can have up to a maximum of 16 channels by adding them in groups of four (4, 8, 12 and 16). If you wish, each group of four can be configured with galvanic isolation, allowing you to work in floating mode.

EIS frequency range: 1 mHz to 1 MHz

Scope of delivery:

1x μStat-i MultiX, 1x I-CABSTAT, 1x I-DUMMYEC, charger with adaptors, DropView 8400 Software and carryng case