Electrochemical Reader



Small, portable and cost-effective electrochemical reader designed for those researchers who have successfully developed an electrochemical sensor. It is based on a custom potentiostat that is configured to your specifications being able to automatically measure the selected electroanalytical curve parameter (peak intensity, peak potential, peak area, etc.) and according to the calibration curve display the corresponding analyte concentration in the LCD display. Changing any of the parameters is possible by inserting programmed cards that can be provided upon request.


Key Features:
  • Customized instrument for each user.
  • Programmed with concrete parameters for a concrete application developed by the user.
  • LCD display of analyte concentration.
  • Cards available to modify any parameter.
  • Ideal to demonstrate the real applicability of a developed sensor.
  • Displayed results are stored internally and can be downloaded via USB to a PC.
Available techniques:
  • LSV Linear Sweep Voltammetry
  • CV Cyclic Voltammetry
  • SWV Square Wave Voltammetry
  • DPV Differential Pulse Voltammetry
  • AD Amperometric Detection
Potential range: ±2 V
Maximum measurable current: ±200 µA
Operating modes: Potentiostat
Power: Li-ion battery
PC interface: USB
Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 2.3 cm
Weight: 95 gr
Software: DropView DropStat
Additional information:

To evaluate your request please fill the DropStat Questionnare including all requested information and send it to us

Scope of delivery:

DropStat, USB cable, DropView DropStat software and carryng case


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