SpectroElectrochemiluminescence instrument for screen-printed electrodes



SpectroECL is a (bi)potentiostat/galvanostat combined with an electrochemiluminescence cell with a microspectrometer (CMOS) that performs wavelength-resolved electrochemiluminescence measurements.


Key Features:
  • MultiAnalyte electrochemiluminescence detection with SPEs
  • Full spectra acquisition in the visible range (340-850 nm)
  • Suitable to differenciate wavelenghts
  • Electrochemical an chemiluminescence responses are perfectly synchronized and shown in real time
  • Suitable for research with various marker species
  • Can be also used independently as a bipotentiostat/galvanostat (EC mode)
  • Compatible with ECLPHOTODIODCELL
Available techniques:
  • Voltammetry: Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Cyclic Voltammetry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Differential Pulse Voltammetry, Normal Pulse Voltammetry, Differential Normal Pulse Voltammetry and AC Voltammetry
  • Amperometry: Amperometric Detection, Zero Resistance Amperometry, Fast Amperometry, Pulsed Amperometric Detection and Multipulsed Amperometric Detection
  • Galvanostat: Linear Sweep Potentiometry, Cyclic Potentiometry, Potentiometric Detection (galvanostatic), Zero Current Potentiometry (OCP), Fast Potentiometry, Potentiometric Stripping Analysis (galvanostatic), Potentiometric Stripping Analysis (faradaic), Multipulsed Potentiometric Detection
Potential range: ±4 V
Maximum measurable current: ± 40 mA
Operating modes: (Bi)potentiostat/Galvanostat
Power: USB, DC charger adaptor
PC interface: USB
Weight: 650 gr
Software: DropView SPELEC
Additional information:

3 year warranty

Scope of delivery:

1 x SpectroECL (includes spectrometer cell), 1 x CAST cable for SPEs, 1 x box of 110 SPEs, USB cable, charger with adaptors, DropView SPELEC Software and carryng case