Determination of ascorbic acid in juice



Laboratory kits for educational purposes that allow students with or without electrochemical experience to complement their academic programs by an inquiry-based learning on research experiences.


Additional information:

Most of the methods described for ascorbic acid determination are based on the ascorbic acid oxidation, therefore Cyclic
Voltammetry (CV) is used to identify the oxidation process over screen-printed electrodes. CV is a powerful technique also to
determine if the process is controlled by adsorption or diffusion and study the effect of pH variation on the ascorbic acid
electrochemical behaviour.
On a second step, Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV) is used for developing an electrochemical method for ascorbic acid
detection. Its analytical characteristics are determine and measurement of the analyte in a real sample is carried out in batch and in flow-injection analysis


Professor’s manual
Student’s manual
50 units of suitable SPEs
Suitable analyte