Hydroquinone Diphosphate



Hydroquinone diphosphate is intended for its use as electrochemical substrate of Alkaline Phosphatase (AP). This reagent generates electrochemically active hydroquinone as the product after its hydrolysis. Voltammetric and amperometric measurements can be easily carried out for the quantification of hydroquinone in affinity assays using the HQDP/AP detection system.


Technical information:

The use of HQDP, instead of other AP substrates, results in lower LODs, wider linear ranges and a simpler
methodology for the detection of the enzymatic product. Moreover the applied potential for oxidation of
Hydroquinone is lower than the potential for oxidation of other AP substrates hydrolysis products, which
reduces the number of potential interferences able to be oxidised at the electrode surface.

Additional information:

p-APP should be stored between 2 and 8 ÂșC, under a N2 atmosphere and away from light.


Available in 500 mg and 1 gr order quantities